Thursday, February 21, 2008

Just Another Wedding? Nah!!!

I am just back from 'the wedding'.. and in soaring spirits despite dropping energy levels, a constantly hurting overworked body and an inflamed larynx. It was a wedding we had been looking forward to even before the match was made. And I have seen this one from the inception.. my shy, hesitant, not-sure-if-I-should-marry brother-in-law meeting the girl in question for the first time.. and consenting to the alliance half an hour later! Gosh! Wasn't that quick? A hurriedly arranged ceremony the same evening, most appropriately called 'roka', sealed their fates. The wedding got planned in Feb, less than 6 months from the Roka, but it looked like a rather long wait! As I finally discovered last week, the wait was truly worth it..
We enjoyed every moment of the weeklong celebration.. Also, it all reminded me so much of my own wedding which took place exactly 2 years ago, in the same venue. We had nearly the same set of people as in my wedding, the only significant addition was my little daughter who had everybody wrapped around her little finger. She enjoyed the event immensely and was a source of joy to all of us. The plummeting mercury failed to bring down our enthusiasm and we are back with memories to last a lifetime..