Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Till technology do us apart...

It is almost 10.30, Wednesday night. I am at my laptop checking mails, catching up with some blogs, and intermittently chatting to 2 friends one of which, incidently happens to be my husband as well... No, he is not away to the US on one of those 'short' month-long official trips. He is in the same house, the next room to be precise. Given the dimensions of my modest abode, it is not possible for him to be more than 25 feet away. Infact, but for the incessant blaring of the tv, I dont even need to shout to be heard. And yet, we chat.. Needless to say, none of us are working or doing anything even close to serious. I know for myself, and he cannot work even if he wants too, reason being straight, he has had no work for the last 4 weeks. He is most likely reading soccer news or some sports article on the web with ESPN running on the tv. Can't be playing one of those computer games else he would have been too busy to even chat. He sends me funny emoticons, and suggestive audibles, and I reply back with spunk. Nothing amiss there, normal playful bantering which makes this evening slighly more interesting. My little one comes to me, and tries to play piano notes on the delicate keypad. I send her to her father. She readily agrees since she knows he has a better laptop and departs. And now I see her going to her nanny with a grim ready-to-scream face.. looks like daddy also refused the budding musician much opportunity and access to his system. Poor kids, nobody really cares for their sentiments and never buys them anything that they really want.. It must be really tough being a kid. By Jove! My husband just got offline.. now, he shall be here any moment. I'll better sign off.. Good Night.

p.s. It really surprises me how technology successfully brings people from all walks of the world so close, and yet creates virtual distances between those closest!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

It doesn't get any better..

I have been pretty irregular at updating this blog. Not that anybody expected it otherwise. My friends consider me the epitome of laziness, and I expect my tombstone to read something like 'May her soul rest in as much peace as her body did even before it got shifted here', all courtesy these same prejudiced 'friends', sigh! However I have different thoughts. I personally believe that I am not lazy, just kinda.. uhhh... inactive, the sort of people who remain overly busy even while doing nothing. The blogging gets missed because I always have so much to do, especially on weekdays. Lets ignore the fact that I invariably end up not doing most of it, that is always due to some unavoidable circumstances and hardly affects the truth of the previous statement. I regularly read a number of blogs and irregularly post a few. The credit goes to the slow processes which comprise a huge chunk of my daily work in the office. By the time a process completes I am generally manage to finish reading a full length post or write about half a post. And there begins the misfortune of my blog. Had the processes been a little more slow, my blog would have been flooded with posts. The large number of incomplete posts in my blog are because when I start the second process, somebody usually calls me for coffee. And then I come back, start the third process, and get invited for a game of pool. By the time the 4th process starts, it is already time for lunch.. then foosball, snacks, and finally its time for the cab back home. Now surely, I cannot miss the office cab, not at least on the way back and so the poor post keeps dangling somewhere in mid air. This company is killing my blog, and I am seriously looking for a change. There are other trivial reasons also for my low productivity like the complete lack of ideas and interest in writing, not to mention the absolute scarcity of audience. Despite my best efforts, only few (read 2) people on planet earth could be persuaded to read my blog. Actually there are 3 if you include my poor husband, but I'll be honest and not count him in since he reads it for completely different albeit much more powerful reasons than interest in my blog. Coming back to the two readers, though they are kind enough to read it regularly, they invariably drop some not-so-kind comments and that is hardly an encouragement. Still, in the true spirit of a blogger, I continue to shoulder my responsibility towards my dear faithful readers and here is my effort towards providing them with better means to kill time. I just happened to find truly outstanding blog, and it is something that I can vouch for. Humour just cannot get better than this.. Hats off to Rahul!