Monday, April 30, 2012

Of taking 'inatives' and arrythmia

If I were still a student with just myself to take care of, no household responsibilities and endless time on my hands, I would have probably just rambled on about whatever I felt like. But as you might be already aware.. I am not a student anymore. I am a working mom and wife, and a professional who thinks she does earth shaking stuff everyday(disclaimer: my perception, not necessarily the organisation's), and so I choose to behave more responsible, especially while churning out posts during my supposedly working hours. I have decided to begin each post with a set agenda in mind, and sign off as soon as the items therein are checked off. This post has a twin agenda--

1. Taking Inative-- Not everyone takes 'inatives', or initiatives as folks over the age of 5 yrs may call. I am unreasonably proud to report that my little Pari has taken some serious initiative in her school and has been awarded a certificate for the same. This is the first ever certificate of achievement/merit for my little girl, so please pardon the chuffed mumma. However, the exact initiative taken by the child remains a mystery, which can only be revealed by her teacher/principal. Pari has absolutely no idea of her reward-worthy initiative, but she is happy and proud all the same.

2. Arrythmia aka 'Fluttering of heart'-- It is really not a rare phenomenon, not for me atleast. My heart skips a beat or two quite often-- the sight of adorable children: Pari/Chia/Akshat.. not necessarily in that order, Chia is 1.5 yrs old and currently tops the cuteness quotient, or of drool-worthy adults like Jude Law and Hugh Grant, the rentals in Mumbai, the apartments available at those prices and such. Then what makes this one mention-worthy? Well.. it was caused by my husband of the last 6 years, something not experienced in the last 5 years. Last night, we were playing cards, me, husband, bua-phuphaji, and a couple of other relatives. The husband dealt the cards, and somehow won the game. Now, this is an unusual situation, if we play cards, there is only one-in-a-million probability of him winning the game.. and so when it happens, he is obviously look at with suspicion. He was accused of cheating and the man retorted with a very mischievous look. I don't know.. he wasn't even looking at me, but I had this abrupt twinge in my heart, and a sudden conviction --'Lord.. I so love this man'. I am not sure if it makes any sense at all.. to feel this way for a man you have been with, since like forever. But I did feel that, and it felt really good to feel that way. What would I not give to feel like that perhaps just once a month.. it would keep us together, going strong and good for the next 100 years.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Joka Diary : 11

It is late, very very late for this post. I am writing it only because I am a woman true to her word, and one who keeps her promises. Plenty of water has flown under bridges across the world, since we last met. I somehow scraped through the last term, left for Alld. on 15th, the day the exams got over-- missing the farewell party, spent a glorious fortnight eating, sleeping and eating again, returned to Joka on 30th for the convocation rehearsal and finally convocated on April 2nd, in the august presence of my mom,daughter, husband and his grandparents. It was rather heartening -- 4 generations gathered to witness my 5 secs claim to glory. We left for Delhi the following day after some frantic last minute packing and couriering of stuff. Delhi was fun, with Pari not being around I could cuddle, kiss and play with our very amiable Chia to my heart's content. All good things come to an end, and so did my days of being totally jobless when I landed in Mumbai on 8th to join my new workplace. Yes.. all my Mumbai readers, friends and fans-- please do a chicken dance to celebrate my arrival! I am sure you are all elated and finding it hard to believe your good fortune. Also, if any of you could host us for a week or two, till we find an affordable, decent accomodation, please do not hesitate in approaching us. In case you haven't guessed till now-- WE ARE DESPERATE!!
This post is slated to be my last post under the title, and so, now on we shall talk about and only about my experience in Joka. It has been an enriching and meaningful year for me. I have enjoyed every single day that I have spent there. My only regret is that it passed just too soon. I enjoyed my stay there, in our lush green, pollution-free campus, and my bicycle rides to the college. I enjoyed the food in Bapi Da's mess except for when they made the rajma-parantha-baigan combo. I enjoyed the classes, the animated discussions, lectures, presentations and even the exams. I enjoyed our late evening excursions to Behala, Thakurpukur and Gennex. Probably because I was so out-of-touch with the real world for the last 5 years or so, I found tremendous value in the course, and I think I got my money's worth better than the others, only because I was so clueless and ignorant to begin with! The rest of the class was already quite knowledgable and well-read, and I think I am extremely privileged to have shared a classroom with them. Yes, most of all, I enjoyed the terrific classmates that I had, such bright and sharp people. Initially I did feel uncomfortable as the only person who knew nothing of the world around, but slowly we accepted each other-- I accepted their brilliance, and they, my lack of it. Overall, it was a great group and I think I learnt even more from my peers than my profs. So long Joka, I am going to miss you!