Sunday, August 30, 2009

How do you spend your Sunday??

Preparing the list for Sunday grocery shopping..

Applying lipstick to buy groceries..

.. and reviewing the effect so very carefully!

Reading Sunday Times huddled with Papa..

and joining him later for some serious Xbox gaming.

Taking pride in cleaning the house..

...and celebrating a job well done!

Reading magazines..

and finally.. levitating!??

Monday, August 24, 2009

कुछ और ज़माना कहता है

कुछ और ज़माना कहता है
कुछ और है ज़िद मेरे दिल की
मैं बात ज़माने की मानु
या बात सुनूँ अपने दिल की...

ये बस्ती है इंसानों की
इंसान मगर ढूंढें न मिला
पत्थर के बुतों से क्या कीजे
फरियाद भला टूटे दिल की

A bad hair day!

I had a haircut last Friday, and now, its like the shortest hair that I have ever had. So much that if I pull it together and try tying it, it behaves spunky, and the poor rubber band is expelled in a matter of minutes. Did I tell you how much I hate keeping my hair loose, I am now forced to do that. Thankfully, it is too short to even reach the nape of my neck so I am still sane.
And yesterday, less than 30 hours after the bad bad haircut which has the husband still steaming, I got a call from Dove. They said that I have won a free hair make-over at Lakme. The phrase 'hair makeover' had me in splits. Literally. The poor telecaller got really confused and hung up quickly. He probably thought that having never won any freebie in my current and past 7 lives, the news has shocked me crazy, and I am already jumping with joy. Well, the first part is actually true. I have never ever won anything free, never been a 'lucky winner' as they term it. And there lies my agony. Damn, I cannot even celebrate my first win, or bask in the new found glory. Its just so ironical. I have a cool voucher worth some 800 bucks, but no hair left to use it, sigh! If my hair is cut any further, the husband will certainly file a divorce. That is if he could resist shooting me at sight. On second thoughts, he doesn't have a gun, so it could be smothering, strangulating, poisoning, pushing off the terrace.. anything.. it matters little as long as it kills me.
To think of it, I have not had my hair cut short since almost 2 yrs. First, it was my b-i-l's wedding in Feb, 2008 for which I had to maintain a decent length. Then came my cousin's wedding the following December. Again, I just got it styled, but not at the cost of length. Yet again, last month, my brother decided to take the plunge. So finally, after important occasions had been attended, and all pics taken, proof enough that I did look pretty and feminine once upon a time, I got this haircut. What a perfect timing!
The voucher expires on October 31st. Please please suggest me some magic concoction - lizard's tail, frog's tongue, fly's artery, husband's nails.. any potion that can help me grow my hair to a respectable 'make-over'able length by then. You will have my eternal gratitude if that works, else you can walk away with the wretched voucher itself!