Monday, April 20, 2009

Around the world in 80 clicks...

Sundar tagged me to do this one, originated by HBM. I know its rather late, considering half of the world is already through with it. However, it is my first tag(thanks Sundar!)and a really nice one at that, so I don't want to miss it for anything! 5 things that I love about being a mother.. this has me thinking. I have been a mother for a little over 2 years now, and so many thoughts come rushing to me as I write this post. Like all moms, I love motherhood for all the hugs, kisses and warmth it brings. However, for this post, let me dig deeper and try listing things that are more specific.

1. Motherhood has brought me closer to my husband's family(they are my family as much but I really don't know how to put it in words). With Pari, I get a feeling of greater belonging, to the extent that I feel more a part of his family than my own! At the same time, the husband no longer takes me for granted, since motherhood ensures he does not get much of me.

2. Having a baby has made me responsible, alert and disciplined. I can no longer afford to spend time randomly browsing websites or gossiping around, nor do I forget little things or sleep like a log. I love the sense of control, the confidence that motherhood has given me.

3. It is an instant image booster! Among my colleagues, most people my age do not have babies, and to make matters worse, I don't even look my age. Pari is my trump card, tables turn the moment I mention her. It is funny to see shocked faces, especially when they belong to overzealous men.. ha!

4. An unfair advantage that I get out of motherhood is being judged by my daughter's looks. My mom had my pics replaced with Pari's the day she got born. Now, whoever has not seen me in the last 15 years, imagines that I am extremely pretty :P

5. And last, but not the least.. it is things like these that make having a baby absolute fun. Who else, other than your own baby would allow you to give her a hair cut :)

Needless to mention, the biggest reason for which I love motherhood remains my little, sunny daughter, who has brought so much joy and sunshine in our lives. I tag Banno, Asaan and Blink and miss to do this.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Recession Updates!

Got this in the mail today, and found it amusing.. So, sharing it with all.. Whoever thought of it, please do not sue me, I am only bringing appreciation to your work :)

1. Ali Baba and the forty thieves are now Ali Baba and the thirty thieves. Ten were laid off..

2. Batman and Robin are now Batman and Pedro. Batman fired Robin and hired Pedro because Pedro was willing to work twice the hours at the same rate.

3. Iron man now "air-pooling" with Superman to save fuel costs.

4. Women finally marrying for love, and not money

5. Q: With the current market turmoil, what's the easiest way to make a small fortune?
A: Start off with a large one.

6. The credit crunch is getting bad isn't it? I mean, I let my brother borrow $10 a couple of weeks back, it turns out I'm now America’s third biggest lender.

7. Q: Why have Dubai real estate agents stopped looking out of the window in the morning?
A: Because otherwise they'd have nothing to do in the afternoon.

8. Q: What's the difference between an American and a Zimbabwean?
A: In a few weeks, nothing.

9. Dow Jones is re-branded as "Down Jones".

10. Quote from a Wall Street banker: This is worse than divorce. I’ve lost half of my assets and I still have my wife…!!!!..

ps : On an unrelated note, I have enabled Adsense on the blog, which effectively means that I would be paid some amount if enough people click on the advertisements displayed on the right side and bottom of the post. Since I have a very selective readership, in order to make up for the numbers, request each of you to be kind enough to click at least 50 times on each of the ad's. Every penny counts in these times of recession..

pps : First thing in the morning, I wished the husband a very happy 'Husbands' Day'. Also, promised to cook a grand meal to celebrate 'his special day'. Poor thing, he is spending the day dreaming of the dinner at night. For people still wondering why, A Happy Fools' Day to you :)