Tuesday, April 15, 2008


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I just happened to listen to this truly amazing song in the office cab sometime back, and am yet to get over it.. It is sheer magic. Mano Murthy's music has left me spellbound, and the fact that I can't understand a word, it is in Kannada, makes it all the more special. The poetry simply doesn't bother me unlike Hindi songs where I start pondering over the words and lose out on the ecstasy that music alone offers. There is just nothing that would interfere with the music, it flows like a river down a mountain. I enjoyed it exactly how my little girl enjoys music, pure and unadulterated. And given the current trend, I guess it will not be long before some bollywood music director draws 'inspiration' from this song, and gives us a Hindi version. Then probably, I can sing along too. If you happen to try it, do not get deterred by the 'hey hey' a-la-Kumar Sanu beginning, it ends just too soon. And if the lead voice sounds unusually familiar, you are more than right. It is our very own Sonu Nigam!