Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Need Help!

This has been a terrible year for me in terms of health. So much that I have started dreading the day my company hands me the pink slip stating 'Medically unfit', on the sheer basis of the number of sick leaves that I have availed so far. Its only the 7th month, and I have nearly exhausted my quota for the year. Try comparing that with 2 sick leaves through the whole of last year. To set the records straight, I don't take off from work at the drop of a hat, which means I do not if I can stand unsupported for 10 minutes together, sufficient time for me to get dressed and get going. In case I cannot garner enough strength to carry the laptop, I work from home. The only exception to the said rule is made when the child or her father are unwell. However, this year, it has been the husband's turn to play the nurse, and take off from work to ferry me to the hospital twice a week. Its been futile so far, the only effect I see is probably the new section coming up in the Manipal Hospital, in all likeliness, funded by the money we have shelled out over the last few months.
I have been diagnosed with Autoimmune Urticaria, which, going by the statistics on the internet is a pretty common ailment. The doctors tell me it is due to my own antibodies acting against me, and has me breaking into hives every other day. The more painful part is the swelling that occurs in different parts of the body like the head, hands,lips or cheeks, which has me looking extremely weird for days together. Unfortunately, I do not know anybody who has had any experience of this sort. Do any of you know about this? I solicit advice, experiences, treatment.. anything. This is what my sidebar looks like.

With so many hits, I do feel hopeful!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Hot cuss bunzzz..

..Hot cuss bunzzz
iffofofo daughtenz
givevavava sonz
one-na penny two-a-penny
Hot cuss bunzzz..

Pari sings the rhyme with the 'cuss' word as I try to put her to sleep. The old man glued to the TV outside has no idea what he is missing!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Things people say..

At home, a random evening..
Pari: Machhar aa gayi
Nani: Fan chala dete hain *supposed to drive off the mosquitoes*
Pari: Hmm...(Thoughfully), Machhar ko garmi lag rahi hai!

In the market, at a baby shop..
Me: bachche ka sipper hai kya?
ShopKeeper: ??
Me: bachchon ko doodh pilane ke liye, cup jaisa.
Nani to Pari: Pari ki bottle crow le gaya hai na(to reinforce the crow-flew-with-bottle story on Pari)
SK: koi baat nahi Madam, hamare paas bottles hain(pulling out feeding bottles)
Nani: *highly amused, rolling eyes*
(This has a context. To wean Pari off the feeding bottle, my mom hid her bottles and said that a crow has taken them away. We were unsure if Pari would buy this, which is why we kept repeating it to make it sound true. The SK was incredibly credulous ;-))

In the husband's office, at a game of pictionary.

Husband:*Draws a cup*
Girl-in-the-team: uhhh.. some more please.
Husband:*draws lips a little away from the cup*
Girl: I got it! 'A kiss in time saves nine.'


Nani: Pehli nazar me aisa jadu kar diya..... oh jaane jaa dono jahan meri baahon me aa.. aa bhi jaa.. *Picking up Pari* 'Baby I love you, baby I love you so much'
These grannies, I tell you!

Teaching numbers to Pari
Me: Pari, ye kya hai?
Pari: 6
Husband: Nahi.. ye 9 hai.
Me: Achcha ab ye batao, ye kya hai?
Pari: Papa batayenge. Papa ko pata hai.*gets off the bed and walks away*

Btw, Pari turns two-and-a-half today. Why is it that babies' half-birthdays are so much more significant than our birthdays. Probably because we have had birthdays over 5 times as many as Pari's half-birthdays! Happy B'day little girl! or do I sing-'Baby I love you'..

ps. The post is in Hindi, I apologize for that. Send in a request, and I'll translate.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

The world's greatest wonders..

..are the things you end up doing for your kids. Any parent will vouch for it. As if carrying them around in your tummy for those never ending, counted-9-suffered-90-months is not enough, once out, they make you do stuff you wouldn't have imagined in your weirdest dreams. I must have been smoking something really crazy to deliver a baby, without being mentally prepared to clean the drool, the regurgitation and the mess that it made countless times a day. Thankfully, that dreaded phase is mostly over for me.. and just when I imagined there is nothing that a smart girl cannot manage with a not-so-smart maid, THIS came.

The story begins in May.. the last two months were pure bliss for Pari. You see, her grandparents were here for almost one-and-a-half months, and she was at her pampered best. Apart from the grand haul of new toys, dresses and trinkets, there was a huge variety of savoury she could gorge on at any given point of time. Dada-Dadi, and Nani immediately after, came loaded with laddus, mathris and sweets enough to provide one square meal to half the city. 'Half', because we live in Bangalore. And during their stay, anything that Pari showed the slightest inclination for, was subjected to mass production, the only constraint being the expiry date of the said eatable. After they left, I guarded them savory fiercely, ensuring they lasted as long as possible, depriving even the father of the laddus/mathri meant for the child.

It was smooth sailing for us till last night, when the last of the mathris was consumed. In the morning today, Pari demanded more of them. We offered her a laddu, and she was more than happy to oblige. However, after downing 2 laddus, she came back for the mathri thing. Now, I was faced with the daunting task of making 'mathri', something I have only 'eaten' for the last 25 yrs. I had some idea off course, like it is made of Sooji(Semolina) and needs to be deep fried. I have seen my mom making it like a thousand times, and it did look simple then. To give you a background, I got married almost three-and-a-half years ago, and though my tryst with cooking started only then, I like to believe I have fared pretty well. In any case, my take on cooking is same as on most such things. I really never found it challenging enough.. If half the world can cook, there is no reason why I cannot. The only edge which most people might have over me is practice, which I can compensate for by dropping in a little brains. I mean, I cannot qualify as a chef in a star rated restaurant, but I can fend for myself. I digress, but all I mean to say is that at that time, I did not find the task difficult, though now I do have different thoughts;-) The problem is, somehow the task did not sound right for me, I mean it sounds too elderly.. while I am still a comfortable distance from the big 30. I bake cakes for Pari, but Mathri doesn't fit in the picture. I think this is because I have mostly seen my grandmother make such things, and recently my mother, since she has also qualified for it with Pari's arrival, but I am nobody's granny. It just doesn't go well, with the way I perceive myself, and with the 24 inch-Lewi's Diva skinny jeans I am wearing. Probably, I should ask the husband to exchange it for half-a-dozen cotton saris which I can wear while making them mathri's for the dear daughter. All said and done, I did make Mathri's for Pari.. and for people who have the privilege of knowing me personally and are yet to collect their jaws from the floor, I not-so-proudly present you a picture of the same. What next, besan laddus perhaps!

p.s. I may not be proud of it, but am still open to any compliments which you may have ;-)