Monday, November 24, 2008

We often meet our destiny...

on the road we take to avoid it. As mentioned in the previous post, it is plagiarized. But true all the same.. I am writing this post to explain why I haven't written any for such a long time, and people have already started popping up the famous question. No, not that one, sigh! Actually it is just one person, but I am flattered beyond limits with that comment. So much that I could barely stop myself from posting here the document that I created for the office intranet wiki last week. There were 2 things that held me back - 1. The document is confidential and at this time, it will be Godsend to my manager, who I suspect is already eyeing me 'pink' and 2. It is total crap, a figment of my imagination and written intentionally in a manner which makes it impossible to comprehend, completely unworthy of my mostly sensible blog. Btw did you notice, how I love ambiguity! I say 'people' and any lazy butt who visits my blog and doesn't bother to check the comments section would start imagining that I have a fat readership, and end up going through the previous posts to find out why on earth:D Come on, it is 4am in the morning, do you really expect me to make sense???? And why am I awake at this unheavenly hour? Is it my avid passion, an overwhelming sense of duty, single-minded devotion and total dedication towards my blog and its niche audience? Actually, it is all that coupled with 'a little too much' chicken the whole damn weekend, specially in dinner last night.. I am not sure how to frame that, it is still night by my standards. Off course I had fish too, but I think it will be a shame to blame those quiet, innocent creatures for the current uproar in my tummy, unless I ate a shark or worse still, a piranha.. Whatever it was, I feel really uneasy and pukish and at such times, all my husband can manage is a very sympathetic 'Its ok, go to sleep', grrr.. Off course it is ok for him, it is me who can't sleep cause that damn chicken is wreaking havoc in my digestive tract. Can't believe, he is the same man who complains that he never gets any sleep on the office trips, 'coz I am not there.. you should hear him snore now! Anyways, I will help him make up for this sin by letting him dropping me to office tomorrow, that is, if I go at all. Pray for me, all ya sleepy souls..

p.s. I missed the explanation. There is none actually. I have been bursting with stuff that I want to write about, it is just laziness that held me back. Also, with the yearly appraisal just round the corner, the last thing I want to get caught with is reading/updating blogs!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Can't sleep..

I am an early bird. Getting up a little late in the morning, which loosely translates into noon and post lunch afternoon siesta do nothing to spoil my routine. The fact remains that I grow very drowsy around 10 pm and come-what-may doze off by 10.30 pm. There are a few exceptions, my wedding for instance. I took the wedding vows at 4 in the morning, and you don't expect anybody to be attentive at that unheavenly hour. No wonder, I forgot most of them the next morning :P But tonight, it is different. I cannot sleep. I have witnessed what looks like the onset of grey hair, on my own head. And I am unable to get it off my head, quite literally :( The hair hanging off the edge of my forehead, scraping the arc of my left eyebrow look such light brown in colour. I actually have quite dark hair, bit too dark for my complexion. Now is it possible to have few hair in lighter shades of brown betraying your all black head? Or do hair start fading, losing color gradually as you age till some of them turn completely white to give you a grey head? Am I on my way to wisdom?? I really don't know.. and this confusion is enough to keep me awake through the night. But then, we often meet our destiny on the road we take to avoid it.. (it is plagiarized just in case you were beginning to appreciate my ability to coin adages), even if I do not have any grey hair already, I might get some by morning if I keep worrying about them all night. Good God off to sleep!