Thursday, February 23, 2012

निकले थे कहाँ जाने के लिए..

पहुंचे हैं कहाँ मालूम नहीं
अब अपने भटकते क़दमों को
मंजिल का निशां मालूम नहीं

हमने भी कभी इस गुलशन में
एक ख्वाबे बहारा देखा था
कब फूल झडे कब गर्द उडी
कब आई खिज़ा मालूम नहीं

बर्बाद वफ़ा का अफसाना
हम किससे कहें और कैसे कहें
खामोश हैं लब और दुनिया को
अश्कों की जुबां मालूम नहीं

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My whole life flashed before me..

..just about 10 minutes back. And I had stopped breathing for close to 8 minutes. It is a miracle that I have survived to share the story and so share I will. I have to fill up a form as part of a job application where the compensations details for the previous job are required. So I go over to my drawer, pull out my files and start looking for the old salary slips, if there are any. I anyways, hopefully, have them in the emails, so not a big worry really. As I go through the 3 files, I do not see the salary slips.. more importantly, I do not see any work-experience related documents. No relieving/joining/appraisal letters! I go through the files again and then again. I start going through the huge stack of papers in the lower cabinet. My study table has 2 drawers, which I use to keep my files of important papers(certificates, mark sheets, IT returns), passport, money, spectacles, pencils, chocolate wrappers, boarding passes, receipts for parlor visits, pizza deliveries & shopping, credit card/electricity bills, check-books, passbooks.. basically only the most important and the most useless stuff that I have. The lower half of the table has a cabinet, where I dump my old books, broken umbrella, camera, polythene bags and.. you get the drift. That is just about how organized and careful I am. Alright, my work-related documents-- I can't find them. And I kid you not, I feel so giddy and light-headed. I have already lost a couple of extra-curricular certificates after coming to Joka, probably during the verification process, and had to remove those from my as-it-is meager list of achievements. And now this.. it had to be a sabotage. Somebody is stealing my papers and trying to kill me slowly. I immediately feel like picking the phone and bawling off to the husband. However, I decide to sort through my papers again. This time by taking everything out of the files and thumbing through each leaf. After what looks like an eternity, I do find my relieving letters etc, but this short experience leaves me shaken and pensive. I think I am going to take multiple photocopies of all my stuff, and keep the originals in a nuclear-attack-resistant vault. Anybody who wishes to go through the originals will be taken to the vault, where he can stare at my papers for the longest time to his heart's content. But the certificates are not coming out of the vault, like ever.