Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I am worried..

.. about the Commonwealth Games. I know it is weird, I have very little to do with sports in any case, and given an opportunity, I would anytime prefer to play myself than watching other people play. Perhaps the patriot in me gets stirred everytime there are sad things in the newspaper about the games. And boy, these people do their job really well, the journalists that is. Isn't rousing people the motive behind writing such pinching headlines --'Games become India's shame'. If anything, it is a national shame. And to have people coming to your country, inspecting the games village and calling it 'filthy and uninhabitable' is downright embarrassing. I mean, how would you feel if your guests call your house a mess or your bathroom stinking? That is exactly how I feel when I read the newspaper these days.

There are shocking facts all through. For one, to think that these people had 70,000Cr rupees and 7 years to prepare, and some collapsing stadiums and an already-collapsed bridge and stinking loos are all they could come up with. Where does that place us as a nation? Ironically, this came the day following some study in the US that declared India as the third most powerful country. Wow, a powerful country that builds really weak structures, those that collapse even before they can be used. Truly wow!

As if this is not enough, there are some really highly placed idiots who make public statements without as much as a second reading.
'Westerners have different standards(of hygiene), we have different standards.'
Can't believe anyone can make a statement like this in defence of the filthy village reportedly infested with stray dogs and dogshit. Plain awesomeness.. and truly high standards of hygiene!

A couple of months back, while discussing the CWG, the husband very acridly remarked that he would be happy if all went awry and the rampant corruption in the country is exposed. It is scary to see that actually turning into reality. I so hope that somebody higher up has the decency and good sense to call off the games and salvage the nation's honour, whatever of it is left.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

New member in the family :)

My little Pari is now an elder sister. 'Pari Didi'- goodness, that sounds so amazingly high-handed, but its true all the same. And the coincidence lies here - I became a Didi on Sep 20th, Pari managed to beat me by one full day and 2 hours! Unlike me, who had a brother, Pari has a beautiful little sister to love, pamper and boss around. Yes, she is gorgeous from what we have heard so far - almost like Pari(my imagination, not confirmed yet) but with a lot more hair(confirmed) on that tiny head. The pictures are on the way.. will upload them soon. Please wish the proud new parents(Chachu & Chachi) and all of us a lot of luck with the little princess.

Edited to add: *Drumrolls* Here she comes..

Now what did I say, isn't she the most lovely?