Monday, December 14, 2015

Essays - Standard 4th

I am posting a couple of essays written by Pari in the school --because they are really imaginative, so much that they are almost hilarious and because I want to preserve them for eternity!

The child certainly needs some help with the languages- predictably more in Hindi than in English. At the same time, it is the Hindi essay on 'my dear mother' which is truly remarkable. To begin with, I do listen to everything she says, and encourage her to share things with me, but I don't necessarily give in to all her asks. She has a field day every time I travel for work. And I travel way too much to get her books or toys everytime. I do get her stuff as and when I find something nice and the time to buy it, but not always, not even often. And going to work at 6 am? On most days I wake up only after 8 am. Also, offices don't start that early unless you're the maintenance staff. Again, I don't help her in studies regularly, and when I do, she doesn't appreciate it one bit. Mostly, she resents it.. which I think is normal for a child who has limited interest and inclination for any kind of structured education.

Coming to the English essay, a training in maintaining a correct tense is much required. What really cracked us up is the 'watch the news' phrase. Really, which 8 year old turns on the TV on a Sunday, or any day to watch news?? Perhaps, she thought mentioning Doraemon will take away the formal air  of the essay. And then, 'my lawn'! We live in an 880 sqft carpet two-bedroom apartment on the 9th Floor in Mumbai.. so again the only plants any of us can water are the ones in the common gardens in the building complex. But again.. my little Pari, I give it to your imagination child!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

A prize for every thing..

Pari comes home and tells me that she has won the ‘constipation’ prize. I am completely bewildered.. even if there is a competition for it, she is unlikely to win because she is not the least constipated. I probe further, and she says that she’s come fourth. I think that she’s received the ‘consolation’ prize.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Once in a while..

..everyone is entitled to a temporary bout of insanity. I exhausted my quota last night!

Friday, July 3, 2015

A grand comeback.. or so we pretend!

I have been contemplating a grand comeback post for about 16 months now, and it never gets past the planning stage. Mostly, when I log in, my overflowing reading list attracts me like a fly to fire, and my intention to write sadly succumbs to the temptation every single time. I am bursting with stuff to share though. Life has been rough to us at times, but lets just focus on the good stuff today. And the good stuff is always always related to Pari. Our little girl is such a blessing, we always have something to smile about. As you may have guessed, Pari is full 2 yrs older since we last met, but the fun only grows. So back to Pari'isms.

About an year ago, cousin E was visiting us. Pari was using the toilet while E sat outside the door waiting for her to finish. Finally, she ran out of patience and knocked at the door.
E: Pari, how long will you take?
P: I don't know. I am not a palmist, so I cannot predict the future.
Future? Really??

Pari has a huge interest in my official matters, and it doesn't help that I work from home(mostly at night after working in the office the entire day.. gah!). She keenly listens into my phone calls, reads my official emails and also goes through the power point decks. And so, her knowledge about my organisation is exceptional. And it is obvious in our conversations. For instance, our company M has acquired another company C, and I am working on the integration of the entities. We are out on some errand, and she spots an office belonging to C.

P: Mumma, look-- you office!
Moi: No, this isn't my office. This is C. I work for M, and you've seen my office, right?
P: Well.. it is the same thing now.. merger to complete ho gaya hai na!
Notice, how she knows that the transaction takes time to complete!

As part of the restructuring, our region is now reporting to Asia Pac team, which in turn reports to the HQ. Earlier, we used to report directly to the HQ. So effectively, my boss's boss has become my boss's boss's boss or his super boss. Not sure if you understand that, but really, I want to post this today and can't spend more time explaining! I am making org charts and Pari notices this change. She knows the hierarchy really well, and I must give her credit for that.

P: Mumma, OI(super boss) is not your boss's boss anymore?
M: Yeah, the structure has changed. He reports into a new boss, and that person in turn reports into OI.
P: Oh, I get it. OI has got promoted!
OI is already the global CEO.. but full marks for positivism, Pari! The rest of the world thinks my boss has got demoted.

OK.. there are so many more related to my workplace, but I will relate just two more. I am making some status report and marking items as red, yellow and green.

P: Mumma, what do the different colors mean?
M: Well.. Status of the item.. Green: OK, Yellow.. Red.. blah blah..
P: OK, but how will the other people know what you mean? Shouldn't you include a table saying Green=OK, Yellow=delayed.. etc?
I justified saying that these are commonly used colors and people usually know them.. but proceeded to add a 'legend' to the slide all the same!

The final one.. my company has a tag line saying that we improve a life every 3 seconds. So the other day while I am working, Pari stands before me.. counts 1,2,3 and screams-- M has improved another life! And this continued till about 25 lives were improved and reported as such.

Pari.. I must admit that you improve our lives every moment!