Friday, August 17, 2007


Hi.. I have just woke up with this strange urge to blog.. am in a terrible hurry to post a blog but I guess it would be too typical of me to begin without an introduction. I often have this weird feeling of being too public.. I know it is nothing less of conceit but to be honest, I do feel that already too many people know me and those who still do not know, can do very well without knowing. Still, there are somethings which I would like to share. To begin with, I am a married woman with a small baby. The name of this post, Gauri actually belongs to my daughter. This is what I have been calling her since the moment I came to know she existed. Unfortunately, the name did not go too well with her father and immediate family who found it too old fashioned, not surprising considering the fact that they find the mother herself in dire need of an update. Gauri is no more called that, and I took the liberty of naming this blog Gauri just to satiate my urge to name something 'Gauri'. Well, thats pretty much it. I am presently a stay-at-home, bringing up my baby and in desperate need of some concrete work. This blog is intended to be a punching bag kinda thing, to help me avoid venting out my usual frustrations at my very considerate husband and my exceptionally sweet bro-in-law. Enough of introduction, lemme move to my next post:)

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