Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Its my first birthday!!!

Yeah.. you read it right.. today is my first birthday, as a Mom. Last year, this very day I made a fresh beginning as my daughter entered this world. It was as new and unpredictable to me as to her.. Though she got born at half past ten in the morning, I gained consciousness only in the evening, and thats when I saw her first.. she was all wrapped up in sheets, only her tiny face was visible. And I could recognize her immediately, thanks to the numerous 2D and 3D scans that i had been through. She was actually the baby I had carried around for so long but it was altogether a different feeling as I held her in my arms. I would be lying if I say there was a sudden surge of motherly love when i first saw her. What I actually felt was more of confusion coupled with some disappointment. New-borns are seldom pretty and mine wasn't even round n cuddly.. And then, all that I had undergone to have her, right from the quesiness that I felt the first day of my pregnancy and which persisted till the last, to the fluid injected throughout the last month, and the planned ceaserean, all made me wonder if she was really worth all the effort. I certainly wasn't a very proud mother.

We both have come a long way from there. My daughter, we call her Pari, has grown up from a tiny newborn to a bright and completely amiable toddler. And I am now an exceptionally proud and indulgent mom. What an eventful year it has been! I lack the words to put down my thoughts, so I would rather put it in pictures. But hold on.. there is something we are missing..

'Happy Birthday' Pari, you are really my little fairy..


ashes said...

A Happy Birthday Mommy! Belated because you posted it belatedly. :)

It has been a long way, but like ever, I wonder how fast time flies. I still very clearly remember the day when you broke the news to me. Memories of the time you were carrying are still very fresh. And then I have seen her growing up so fast, from a wiggling infant to a frantically crawling toddler, from her finding me so alien to now enjoying with me.

I wish my little fairy a very happy birthday and a very bright growing up. Am so much looking forward to see her growing up further. :)

Violet said...

Thanks ashu.. I thought your comment would be something like.. 'I am done with arranging the pics on your post' :) Watch out for the birthday pics on picasa.. shall post them soon.