Saturday, October 24, 2009

What would you do..

..with a 2.5 year old, her mouth stuffed with food, her nanny chasing her all over the place with the dinner, and her father blaring at regular intervals- 'Finish karo', when she lovingly places herself between the laptop and you and screams-'Mama, mujhko bhookh lagi (I am hungry)!!!

Or the same little one, who scampers off to fetch her dupatta and drapes it religiously around her neck when you take her out to buy vegetables.

The child who pulls a chair all the way from the far end of the dining table to sit next to you, and after all the hard work, plonks herself in your lap.

Who screams 'This is very bad' in a matronly manner every time the husband is sighted within 5 feet in your vicinity and strategically places herself between the two of you. And corrects you every time you call the maid by her name--'Shaila nahi bolte, didi bolte hain'!!

Who snatches away the calculator from you and complains angrily-'mera alligator chhoo raha hai'.. God knows, I wouldn't have touched it had I known it is an 'alligator'.

The imp who observes you curiously while you dress up gaudily for Karwachauth, before asking- 'Mumma, aaj tum ka saadi hai kya'... aargghh.. not again..

The greedy chick who peeks into the tin of Haldiram Gulabjamuns and squeals with delight -'Laddu swimming in the water'!!

And finally, the little Ms. Know-it-all, who looks at you with disdain, when you try to trick her into eating pasta by calling it noodles, and dismisses you - 'ye spaghetti hai, noodles nahi'.. If only the earth opens up now...


NecroMancer said...

For starters .. Be eternally thankful to god for such an adorable child ..

Violet said...

Agreed.. so are we! which is why we are not asking for any more ;-)

Anonymous said...

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