Monday, December 28, 2009

We are sure dangerous...

..everytime we hug our little one a bit too tightly, she screams--"Bachao.. mujhko bachao!". Ever heard of toddlers seeking protection against their own parents? And she screams almost like a Hindi movie heroine playing the damsel in distress.

I am washing her bottom after the big task when she snaps at me--"Don't touch buttoo, it is Pari's". We..ll, offcourse it is, but how else are we supposed to keep her rear neat till she grows old enough to scrub it herself??

The husband has a slight tiff with Pari, and she comes to me complaining --"Papa is fighting with me". She is yet to turn 3 and he is already past 30.. Fighting is so not acceptable..

Her Chachu who dares to ask her some trivial question while she is putting her blocks together, is sternly chastised--"Excuse me, I am busy".

The maid is trying to open her mouth to feed her, only to get scolded -- "Don't touch face. It is a very bad habit!"

The family seriously needs to mend its ways and learn some good habits.


Banno said...

That is why they say that the child is the parent of the adult :)

Violet said...

I did not have such disciplinary parents.. so probably this child is my great grand mother who I did not see :)