Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I am a bad bad mommy...

Pari's school reopened today, and I completely missed it! Her teacher called up a little while back, and asked if we intend to send her back. I am one who takes pride in remembering dates and events, and it is really unsettling to think that I forgot this. The husband is just the opposite, he depends on me for all the reminding duties, and the child is too young to comprehend dates. So practically, the household runs on my memory. And if this is what it has come to be, God save us!

Actually, there are reasons. The past couple of weeks have been crazy, and I have not had time to breathe. Thankfully, it is automated, the breathing that is! The maid went off yet again, she really played it foul this time, and I am bent on making her regret it. You think it is cheap? Go ahead and make me a monster, witch or what-you-will. I am determined to teach the smarty pants a lesson this time for ditching me when I needed her the most. Sorry for the digression, but I needed to vent. And then, there was this illness which extended to over a week and left me really weak and frustrated. To top the mess, I had to prepare for my brother's wedding along with the GMAT exam scheduled last week. All this between washing utensils, cleaning, cooking and baby sitting apart from office work. I think my bird brain couldn't keep up with so much and gave away. I actually lost track of time and date. Anyways, at Pari's age, missing school is not a big loss really. And we plan to send her to school only next month. My aunt and cousins are here for a week, and I would prefer that she spends time bonding with them rather than attend the montessori. Also, we are off to a 3 week long vacation this weekend. So there isn't much sense in sending her to school for just 4 days. But to think that I forgot the reopening date is absolutely unnerving, reasons or no reasons, loss or no loss!


Mama - Mia said...

hell i am queen of forgetfulness! so i totally understand! :p

and all this masti planned up! 3 week vacation too! kahan jaa rahe ho?

haffun you guys!

and yes, you can see my muttering bad stuff about my maid all the time too. only thing is she is still coming. but i dunno for how long... gah!!! hugs babes!

Violet said...

Hi.. We are in Allahabad, my home town. My brother gets married next week, and then we shall leave for Noida, my in-law's place. So lots of fun lined up :D How have you been?

Mama - Mia said...

thats my father in laws home town too, tho very little family stays there now!!

enjoy the wedding and all the naach gaana that comes with it! how is pari liking it there?

haffun! :)


joven said...

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Amit said...

Sahi hai. I didnt know you were taking GMAT as well.
Yes ...forgetting only kid's school reopening date is a mini-crime..:)....signs of the fast-track world we are living in.

Rohini said...

Don't beat yourself over it. And remember to breathe :)

Violet said...

Abha - Yes we had fun :) And Pari took to all the naach-gana like fish to water. She was the star of the show!

Amit - Neither did I know ;) I applied for it less than a month back just because I was so mad at him. You know the climbing routine, right?

Rohini - I am not! So many people in the office complimented me by saying that they wish they had parents like me, those who would 'forget' to send them to school :D