Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Monkeys, Mumma's & Money

Four little mumma's jumping on the bed
One fell down and bumped his head
Monkey called the doctor and the doctor said
No more mumma's jumping on the bed!!

Pari was singing it this morning. Is it only me who feels the rhyme is a little twisted, or can you also sense something fishy? When I asked her about it, she just grinned and ran off!

On a separate note, we are trying to instill the concept of money in her little head. She still believes in a 'free' world and uses her 'free will' to shop. And if she wants something, she simply points out saying that she doesn't have it. Is she entitled to own every single toy/trinket in the world? This is a really twisted way of demanding stuff. Just yesterday, she declared she has 'no' toys, "mere paas koi toys nahi hain", only because she did not have the particular one on display. Now somebody please define the stuff that keeps our home flooded all the time if she has 'no' toys. What bothers me more is her growing disrespect for food. Even before I can offer her something, she declares that she doesn't like it. And she keeps begging me not to cook, "Mumma, please khana mat banao", just so that she doesn't have to eat. And no, I am not terrible at baby food which is plain dal and rice. Last evening when she declined milk, I showed her the TOI front page which had a picture of children sitting in a neat row and eating dal-rice, part of the mid day meal program sponsored by the government. The following conversation ensued-

Me: Pari, look at all these children eating dal rice.
Pari: I don't like dal-rice.
M: Their mumma and papa are poor. They can't buy honeyloops, popcorn and cookies. They don't even get milk.
P: I don't like milk.
M: I know you don't. These children like milk, but they don't get it. Their mumma can't buy it for them.
P: And their Papa?
M: Their Papa also can't buy. He has no money.
P: But he can buy with his card!
M: !!

I tried to keep a straight face and tell her that you can't get a card if you have no money, but not sure if she got it right. She got busy looking closely at the children and enquiring about their names, location and such.

How do you explain money to children?


Mama - Mia said...

dont get me started on disrespect for food! gah!!!

have been trying to teach him money as well. least he knows you NEED money to buy stuff. and yes the card is all too familar concept here as well. there is a demand of main sign karoonga every single time.

love Pari's conversations! :) totally cute and smart!


Violet said...

OMG! Thankfully Pari still lets us sign the charge slip :) I think we need to spend by cash in her presence for her to learn the concept of money.

Banno said...

My two-pice advice - don't push her to eat, she'll come round to it sooner or later. I know, easier said than done. :)

Violet said...

Banno - Thanks for the advice, my mom says the same thing. But yes, easier said than done, especially since Pari is small/light for her age. And me and the husband both are slightly built, we do not want her to follow suit, sigh!