Sunday, September 19, 2010

New member in the family :)

My little Pari is now an elder sister. 'Pari Didi'- goodness, that sounds so amazingly high-handed, but its true all the same. And the coincidence lies here - I became a Didi on Sep 20th, Pari managed to beat me by one full day and 2 hours! Unlike me, who had a brother, Pari has a beautiful little sister to love, pamper and boss around. Yes, she is gorgeous from what we have heard so far - almost like Pari(my imagination, not confirmed yet) but with a lot more hair(confirmed) on that tiny head. The pictures are on the way.. will upload them soon. Please wish the proud new parents(Chachu & Chachi) and all of us a lot of luck with the little princess.

Edited to add: *Drumrolls* Here she comes..

Now what did I say, isn't she the most lovely?


Anant said...

Everybody is getting confused by the sentence "I became a Didi on Sep 20th". People expect the date the baby was to be born on the post and miss the first part of the sentence.

Violet said...

Hehe.. looks like they even miss the second part of the sentence! It is such a short post, but I guess people are in a tearing hurry to misinterpret even that. Any shorter and it would read like 'Baby born in our family on 19th Sep' :D

Mama - Mia said...

awwwwwwwwwwww!!! she is adorable awright!

wishing pari and her l'il sister happy times ahead!


Violet said...

Thanks Abha! I just can't wait to see her and hold her, though I am not sure how Pari is going to take it..

Vidooshak said...

Adorable! The cuddly towel makes her look like a real angel, floating in the clouds.

Wish her loads of fun times with her big sister!

Violet said...

Aww.. Thats such a sweet simile! That is a 'Receiving blanket' originally bought for Pari, and now used by little Chia. The two sisters are having a lot of fun, whenever together. I need to put up some videos to substantiate :)