Friday, May 10, 2013

The rabbits defeat the wolfs

I've copied the story below, verbatim-- spelling/grammical mistakes included, from Pari's notebook. As always, vacations leave the child terribly bored, and with nothing better to do, she turns into this prolific story/poem writer. I returned home from office one day, I think it was Apr 20th, barely a couple of days after her school closed for summers when I first saw this story. And it reminded me of the ones written during the diwali vacation. I must admit that there is a marked improvement in the writing skills. However, it also reminded me of how lonely and miserable she had been during those holidays and so I bundled her off to the grandparents' place before she could churn out more stories.

Once upon a time there lived only four rabbits. They always were very hungry. One day they saw a large wolf. The rabbits thought that if they could kill the wolf’s Pack, they could eat them forever. But they could not do so. One rabbit had an idea. She told them that there was a river near there burrow. She also told them that the river was dangerous as everybody knew it was full of electric eels, tiger sharks and razor-sharp tooth piranhas. Nobody even dared to fish in the river. She said that one day to kill the wolf Pack they must tell the Pack to fish in that river and whey they will (catch) any eel, shark or piranha they will bite the pack and in the meanwhile we will run away. When then Pack will be dead, we can eat our fill. They were pleased to hear this. The next day they tricked the pack to eat goldfish. They told them the river was full of goldfishes. They caught lot of sharks while the rabbits ran away. When the rabbits returned the Pack was dead. They were very happy.  They ate the wolves but they never were sad. The wolves never even finished. The four rabbits lived happily ever after.

Some observations--
1. Halfway through the story, the child realises the plural of wolf is 'wolves' and not 'wolf's'. Enlightenment indeed!
2. The 'Pack' always begins with a capital P, not sure why?
3. The logic in the story is as always.. impeccable :)

I am calling her the 'Kalam ka Sipahi'!

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Rohini said...

Rabbits Gone Carnivore! I am sure there is a horror flick script lurking in there :-)