Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Blame it on the genes..

I return home early from work, and am feeling particularly benevolent. The sight of Pari watching the TV with her nose touching the screen doesn't perturb me, and I pick up small talk with her.

Me: Pari, how was your day at school baby?
Pari: It was awesome, Mumma. We got gulab jamuns for dessert in lunch. And you know, they served poori-bhaji in the breakfast! I ate 2 pooris.(Pari is obviously much delighted, and the memories of poori's & gulab jamuns seem to tickle her tastebuds.. she makes a slurping sound and goes back to watching TV.)
Me: uh.. OK.

Pari is served breakfast and lunch in her school, and as much as I dislike the school, look down on the standard of education, and resent the lack of discipline and the quality of the teaching staff - the child-friendly meals and the proximity of the school to our house keeps me from doing anything about it. 4 years on, I still remember Pari's excitement on discovering that her new school provides food, and good one at that. At the end of the first day, she had exclaimed --'Mumma, is this a school or a restaurant?' The excitement is yet to wear off..

So, we digress.. Soon after, the husband arrives from work. I recall that he had mentioned something about a meeting today, and ask the rhetorical question once again..

Me: Hey, how was your day? How did your meeting go?
Husband: Oh.. it was a long day. Aur kya faltu meeting thi.. ek dum thande samose aaye tha, aur peeli -dheeli jalebiyaan thi. Mumbai me logon ko karaari jalebi banana kabhi nahi aayega!*

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

*Translation: It was a useless meeting. The savories were not fresh, and the sweet was not good. They can never learn to make crisp jalebi's(sweets) in Mumbai.

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Walter Prescott said...

Sounds like you had interesting day there :)