Thursday, October 30, 2008

Back in action!

In my last post, I cribbed mentioned something about how some men prefer to be babied comforted by their spouse when they fall sick. I may have sounded otherwise but I strongly believe there isn't anything wrong with this. It is completely justified and even if your mate ends up catching the infection, big deal.. We are married to be together in rain and in sun, and to share each other's sorrow, and well, at times.. illness. But I guess the Lord did not take my innocent banter in good humour, no no.. I mean I failed to convey it properly and got punished royally for that slight of mine. Hours after I posted that one, I caught viral infection and was in the same bed, under the same quilt and on the same medication as my dear husband, albeit with a much higher temperature. All this just a day before Diwali!

Now that Diwali holidays are over and a couple of working days have been missed as well, I am back at work after a cool fortnight(remember wfh etc..) and no doubt, it feels so good. At least till 4 pm after which I grow drowsy and bored and hungry, sigh! The day has been good so far, I have read blogs, chatted with friends, exchanged emails, played pool, took a stroll on the office terrace, relaxed in the cafetaria, caught up with colleagues and worked whenever I had the time and inclination. This is in stark contrast with, and so much more exciting than my life at home on weekdays, especially when the husband is at work.. it is dull, uneventful and my little daughter ensures that I do not get too much of either rest or peace.. She is a lot of fun but I still enjoy her father's company more :)


ashes said...

Glad to see you back in action, happy to see your increased frequency, and heartening to see that you enjoyed at the office, and felt more at home than at home :)

Indigo said...

You don't like your daughter's company but her father's...of course if it is on the same bed and under the same quilt :P ...but you would not have caught the infection had you stayed away from your mate, on a different bed I mean. You knew it was viral and that is the most common method of viral infection, and still?

Violet said...

I knew it all along.. That is precisely why I said in the previous post that my life is at stake.. That was surely an exaggeration :) But honestly, I couldn't leave him suffering in isolation. He is far too precious than my life and career.