Friday, March 20, 2009

In the bedroom, Thursday evening@10.30 pm...

Don't expect too much! The title was only to draw attention :D

1. Pari is reading out numbers. She flips one page of her board book at a time, and calls out the next number from memory--

(No, I did not miss the 'r', this is what she said.)
Phone (Oh really?)
Five (Correct for a change..)
Sick (how sad:P)
Semen (yuck.. enough!!)

2. Husband is groggy, more due to the 2 cans of Fosters downed during the evening than sleep. The light in the bathroom is already switched on. He puts it off, goes inside, slams the door shut, does his stuff and returns.. and yes, turns on the light once again before crashing on the bed. Thankfully, he remembers to flush!

3. Me, in a state of pure bliss, listening to 'Arziyaan' from Delhi 6 for the nth time. God bless ARR! Also, absent-mindedly reviewing some code which was apparently written in a stupor, like after a couple of tequila shots and does not deserve any more attention..

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Nitin said...

Hehehee, nice post :) , kewl num counting...