Thursday, March 5, 2009

Mumma Barber

Here is one who doesn't take the slightest offence at being called a 'Barber'. If somebody upgrades it to 'hair-stylist', my eyes would surely mist with overflowing gratitude at this undeserved honour. I know absolutely nothing about styling hair, and neither am I interested in knowing. What I like is the snip-snip of it. One of my darkest, deepest desires since childhood has been to cut somebody's hair. I had once secretly cut my baby sister's hair, and mom couldn't stop wondering why she started looking so weird all of a sudden. The opportunity came knocking again yesterday, after 15 long years in the shape of another little girl, only this time I wasn't scared of the subject's mom, so it needn't be clandestine. My golden girl happily provided me with the ideal client - agreeable, enthusiastic, and non-critical. If only she had been less excited, more still, and not so keen on picking up already cut hair from the floor while more was being cut, she would have been a barber's dream! But then, that is too much to expect at her age, and I am not complaining. For all those wondering why and already jumping to conclusions, giving her a hair cut at home was not to combat recession. VLCC does it for a measly 100 bucks, for babies that is. But Pari hates hair cuts at salons. The moment the woman with scissors touches her hair, she has a major meltdown. And each time, for those 4 snips, she cries her little heart out. It is simply not worth the pain, which is why we keep defering the cut till her hair crosses over her broad forehead, drips into eyes and crawls into her ears, and she has to literally peek from behind the mop to watch 9XM. Yesterday, while I was clipping her nails, she took away her hand to scratch her head. It was then that it came to me, if I can do this, I can do that as well. So as soon as the nails were done, I took her for a quick bath, and washed her hair. Then, while it was still wet, I gave her the hair cut. It was fun, and both of us enjoyed it immensely. Pari laughed heartily when she saw hair falling from her head. I tell you, cutting hair is easy, and safe as long as you spare the ears.. The pics follow, just in case you wish to appreciate my effort :)




Indigo said...

The VLCC-style-before-after photos show that you have done a commendable job.

Nitin said...

sahii hai, childhood desire abhii puraa kar rahii hoo, n that on innocent baby... badii hoo jando pura badla nikalagi apna hair cut ka :P

hmm... not appreciating but Pari looks kewl after her new hair cut -:)

NecroMancer said...

Yikes !!! katora cut ??:P

Violet said...

Indigo, Nitin : Thanx!

Necromancer : FYI.. That is called baby cut in elite salons(insert wicked laughter)..

Banno said...

Not a bad job. Don't know what she'll think of it when she grows up, though.