Thursday, May 28, 2009

After a long time..

..I am back to blogging. The last few weeks have been terribly hectic leaving me with little time to blog, which I shamelessly flick from the already insufficient hours spent in the office, and then end up spending it gleefully, catching up with all the blogs in the world, save mine. Over the last month, I have logged into the blogger only to go to the dashboard and check the reading list. Now, it is said we should listen twice as much as we talk, the classic 2 ears and 1 tongue adage.. does it apply for blogging as well? In that case, we have 10 fingers to type and just 2 eyes to read, should I be allowed to read a post only after writing 5 of those? Trust me to pick up the most insane, senseless arguments.. And ramble.. That was surely not the intent of this post!

Last night, we met some of the husband's batch mates from college. One of them, AS, happens to be our ex-colleague as well. I have always found this particular person very inspiring. He has done some very unconventional things which require much more courage than I can ever hope for, but that is yet another story. Over the dinner, we recalled this little incident from the days of yore which I would like to share here. This goes back to 2005 when I was committed but not married. We were in the same team, and sat around 50 feet apart. On the messenger-

Me: I am getting engaged.
AS: Congratulations! So many people getting married these days...
Me: Is it?
AS: Oh yes. A friend got engaged just last week.
Me: Do I know him?
AS: You might. He is employed here. Would you know AJ in the XYZ team?
Me: ??
AS: Wait, let me send you the engagement pic. They make a nice pair.
Me: *Scampering off to his place despite a minor heart attack*

I reach his desk in a split second, he has the picture already open by then. It has me and the then-fiance-now-husband sitting in Pizza Hut. He grins sheepishly, too embarrassed to even apologize.

Open ended questions-
1. The entire office knew about us, why was he so blissfully unaware?
2. Even if he couldn't recognize me in the picture(though there is really no reason for it), does he expect a North Indian girl to get engaged in a Pizza joint, dressed in jeans and an almost off-shoulder red top?
3. What qualified him to comment on the pair, calling it 'nice', when he did not even look at the girl properly?
4. Why did he offer to share a picture with me in which he had, in all probability, no genuine interest?

These men can be really weird.. stay warned!!

Edited to add: Oh I know the answer to the last one.. he was sharing the picture to help me recall who 'AJ' was!


NecroMancer said...

And one would think the girl would be glad that guys are not looking at the pic (girl's) critically thinking .. Bah!! I can do better !!

Anonymous said...

hahah....i think i wud have done something similar to ur colleague!! but wahat other extra ordinary things has he done?

Violet said...

Necromancer: Don't force me to put up the picture here.. for all to see and judge!

Lostie: I intend to put that in a separate post, but just to give you an idea- he is an Electrical Engg graduate from IIT-K, and currently working for FIFA, all because he loves soccer.

Aditya said...

Violet: He works for IOC not FIFA, and yes he does love soccer but sports in general. All this makes him weird. Maybe yes.

He knew all, maybe not so well as whole office, just was trying to play dumb. Was not expecting such a reaction ki seedhe aa dhamke.

Point 3, 4 - Last point he is still not sure of, why he did that? Weird yes. :)

Nice blog and memory.

Violet said...

Oops.. sorry! It looks all the same to me :D
I have answered the last question myself.. realized it after posting the blog. You were trying to help me remember who AJ was!
Hope you did not take offense.. I respect the 'weirdness' *in deference*