Thursday, July 9, 2009

Things people say..

At home, a random evening..
Pari: Machhar aa gayi
Nani: Fan chala dete hain *supposed to drive off the mosquitoes*
Pari: Hmm...(Thoughfully), Machhar ko garmi lag rahi hai!

In the market, at a baby shop..
Me: bachche ka sipper hai kya?
ShopKeeper: ??
Me: bachchon ko doodh pilane ke liye, cup jaisa.
Nani to Pari: Pari ki bottle crow le gaya hai na(to reinforce the crow-flew-with-bottle story on Pari)
SK: koi baat nahi Madam, hamare paas bottles hain(pulling out feeding bottles)
Nani: *highly amused, rolling eyes*
(This has a context. To wean Pari off the feeding bottle, my mom hid her bottles and said that a crow has taken them away. We were unsure if Pari would buy this, which is why we kept repeating it to make it sound true. The SK was incredibly credulous ;-))

In the husband's office, at a game of pictionary.

Husband:*Draws a cup*
Girl-in-the-team: uhhh.. some more please.
Husband:*draws lips a little away from the cup*
Girl: I got it! 'A kiss in time saves nine.'


Nani: Pehli nazar me aisa jadu kar diya..... oh jaane jaa dono jahan meri baahon me aa.. aa bhi jaa.. *Picking up Pari* 'Baby I love you, baby I love you so much'
These grannies, I tell you!

Teaching numbers to Pari
Me: Pari, ye kya hai?
Pari: 6
Husband: Nahi.. ye 9 hai.
Me: Achcha ab ye batao, ye kya hai?
Pari: Papa batayenge. Papa ko pata hai.*gets off the bed and walks away*

Btw, Pari turns two-and-a-half today. Why is it that babies' half-birthdays are so much more significant than our birthdays. Probably because we have had birthdays over 5 times as many as Pari's half-birthdays! Happy B'day little girl! or do I sing-'Baby I love you'..

ps. The post is in Hindi, I apologize for that. Send in a request, and I'll translate.


ashes said...

The "Papa batayenge" one was the best! I almost fell off my seat :)

Violet said...

:) It sounds funny, but imagine her giving the same answer in school.

Anonymous said...

hahaha..the 1st one was next post is on similar lines- just got back after 3 weeks with the niece

Violet said...

Lostie: Oh yes.. they come up with such gems, you must preserve them for posterity!