Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Need Help!

This has been a terrible year for me in terms of health. So much that I have started dreading the day my company hands me the pink slip stating 'Medically unfit', on the sheer basis of the number of sick leaves that I have availed so far. Its only the 7th month, and I have nearly exhausted my quota for the year. Try comparing that with 2 sick leaves through the whole of last year. To set the records straight, I don't take off from work at the drop of a hat, which means I do not if I can stand unsupported for 10 minutes together, sufficient time for me to get dressed and get going. In case I cannot garner enough strength to carry the laptop, I work from home. The only exception to the said rule is made when the child or her father are unwell. However, this year, it has been the husband's turn to play the nurse, and take off from work to ferry me to the hospital twice a week. Its been futile so far, the only effect I see is probably the new section coming up in the Manipal Hospital, in all likeliness, funded by the money we have shelled out over the last few months.
I have been diagnosed with Autoimmune Urticaria, which, going by the statistics on the internet is a pretty common ailment. The doctors tell me it is due to my own antibodies acting against me, and has me breaking into hives every other day. The more painful part is the swelling that occurs in different parts of the body like the head, hands,lips or cheeks, which has me looking extremely weird for days together. Unfortunately, I do not know anybody who has had any experience of this sort. Do any of you know about this? I solicit advice, experiences, treatment.. anything. This is what my sidebar looks like.

With so many hits, I do feel hopeful!


Venky said...

Sorry for the late response.
I hope this diagnosis was made by a good dermatologist or an immunologist. I guess anti-FcεR1 antibody testing was done either qualitatively or quantitatively before labeling you as autoimmune.

Anyway, this is way out of my field. If you need the medical papers need to be looked at, I have a terrific rheumatologist-immunologist friend, who can be of more use to you. Let me know, i'll pass you the contact details.

Cheers, it will all pass

Violet said...

Venky - Thanks a ton for your concern. Yes, I had it done by the HOD there, and the antibody testing was done.
However, I was told that there is little that docs can do to help my situation. I have now started on Homeopathy. Its been only 4 days now, but they claim they will cure me. Keeping my fingers crossed for now.