Monday, April 18, 2011

Logging in from Joka..

Yes, I have moved to Calcutta for an year to pursue an MBA course. Today was the first day of the session, and I managed to miss the first lecture. The Dean knows me really well now, as does the rest of the class because of the this unique achievement. Talk about making an impression! I sincerely hope things will not be this exciting for the rest of the year. However, the year ahead does appear challenging and I would like it to be just that. We have the next class in less than an hour, and my lovely classmate has pointed out the 200 page reading that is required before we enter the class. I am not doing it. You see, the husband has just left to catch his train to Delhi, and I would rather sulk over it. The man has been really helpful since we landed in Joka, and I am not regretting marrying him.. not for the next couple of days at least. By then, he would definitely put me off by not calling me or even answering my calls, as is the usual thing with him. On the other hand, my women classmates look nice and helpful, and I hope I will be able to get along well with them. My experience with girls has almost always been wonderful, and even the declared-by-public nasty ones have been nice with me. Husband says it is because I have never stayed in a hostel. I don't think hostel life is going to change that but I believe you must never say never, unless you want your foot to be growing from the same mouth that uttered 'never'. So lets just wait and watch.

I think this post is as incoherent as it can get, an indication of the times to come. We need your best wishes -- me, husband and most of all my little Pari to get through the year unscathed. Please keep us in your thoughts. I hope to post updates from Joka whenever time permits and visit your lovely blogs once in a while. Both of these might not be as frequent, so take care and stay good!


Anant said...

I have that image of you standing outside your hostel, half hidden by a tree blocking my line of sight, waving goodbye to me as I turn the corner from when on you are no longer visible, embedded deep within me somewhere now. My throat dries up and my eyes well up every time that images flashes in my mind. Hope to see you soon. Love you.

Violet said...

I thought long and hard before printing this comment. I felt it was too personal to be shared, and too precious to be lost through rejection. We will meet soon.. but.. you are gone too long, any time you go away..