Thursday, May 5, 2011

Technological romance

The college has asked for a short profile of all students, and I need a scanned picture of self to put into it. Now, I do not have any of my pictures scanned, so just checked with the husband if he has a copy. The man wasn't sure of it but promised to look for it all the same. Today he sends me this mail with my picture attached --

"Tumhari tasveer to mere dil mein basi hain.... to seena cheer ke usme USB cable laga kar yeh picture computer par download kari hai."

The technical detailing was really required!


Surabhi said...

Awesome..ur husband is seriously techy romantic..but i think it is really appreciable when he uses something authentic rather than tht typical ghisi piti shayri..hats off to him!!

Surabhi said...

Awesome..he is indeed techy romatic..but it is much more appreciable..tht he is atleast authentic..rather than using tht ghisi piti shayri..Hats off to him!!

Violet said...

:) Thanks Surabhi.. I will pass on the compliment. Though I personally believe that his creativity is more because he cannot remember the ghisi piti shayri's :P