Sunday, May 8, 2011

On mother's day -- about my child!

When Pari joined the new school, I had expected it to be a very different experience for the child and was overly concerned about her ability to cope with it. However, it is turning out to be more of an experience for the teachers and staff there than for Pari, or so it seems. Every day, my parents go to pick her from the school, their hearts trembling with fear and return with some new report which makes them tremble even more the following day. For one, Pari has cleared communicated to her teachers that she would write just one page a day and no more. So only the first subject in the day gets the golden opportunity to be done by her majesty, and the remaining are happily ignored. However, the writing work has to be completed to keep up with the norms of the school. The class teacher sends her notebooks home for completion of both classwork and homework. This arrangement is working out quite well since my mom is pretty hung up about getting tasks done in time. And so, mummy meticulously finishes all the writing work before Pari even wakes up from her afternoon siesta. You see, once she wakes up, Mom gets no time at all. She has to cook for Pari and feed her twice in the short span of 4 hours or so. And whoever has seen Pari eating would understand how insufficient that time is compared to the enormity of the task to be accomplished.

Writing work is only one of the grudges that Pari holds against the school. She complained to the teacher a couple of days back, I'll provide the transcript below.
Pari- 'It is too hot here.'
Teacher- 'Hmm.. yes.'
Pari- 'I have an AC at home. Why don't we have one here?'
Teacher- 'OK.. you bring your AC to school tomorrow.'
Pari- 'No, I won't.'

Later, when my mom reached to pick her, the teacher mentioned this to her. Even before she could finish,Pari screamed out -'She wants our AC. Nani, don't give it her!'

I can only imagine my poor mother's plight. Thank you mumma for keeping up with that headstrong child of mine. Wish you a Happy Mother's day!


Surabhi said...

Amazing...well i wud say..she is learning to live in this world..saving her own/home stuff..and using other's....

bysodus said...

The luxuries of being a child in these times !!

Violet said...

Bysodus - I tend to agree, these children are privileged in some ways, but when I think that she is living away from both parents, I almost pity her. I wouldn't want to change places with her ever!