Monday, June 13, 2011

Joka Diary - 5

Time flies.. even when you are living away from family, pining for your home, buried under piles of books and subjected to a constant threat of exams and evaluations! To be fair, you also have the great company of fellow sufferers to alleviate your distress, partly at least. There are 43 other souls in the throes of the examination, burning the midnight oil, facebooking away to glory while the elusive nirvana lies somewhere in the powerpoint presentations that the faculty so graciously provides. It happens to me all the time, I open the laptop to look at the presentations, but unknowingly and invariably end up on facebook. Seriously, I hate facebook, so much that I am contemplating joining the 'I hate Facebook' group on facebook. Anyhow, the first term is over, and we are now in the second week of the second term. The classes are already running on full steam. However, people are occupied with other important things, viz. internship, study tour, placements, lattice and such. As for me, I am my usual lethargic self, trying to have a good time while sitting firmly on my lazy butt. Before coming to Joka, I had great plans of working on my personal development, and using this one year to come up with a better and improved me. I don't see any of it happening though. I remain as wasteful, non-committed and useless as ever. Alright, to give myself some credit, I have finally started cycling. For the other activities, we still have 6 terms left. Lets see.. tomorrow is a new day.


Banno said...

I'm glad you can cycle around. That's one thing I miss most in Mumbai. Good luck with your exams. And hey, about the wasteful, useless, lethargic part, I'm hit with the "like-me" syndrome. :)

Violet said...

Banno: It is a beautiful campus, an ideal place to cycle, run and play around. My exams are over, but I can still use all the luck, we will have exams for the next term in less than a month!

Somshubhra said...

Now where is the like button??? :)

Actually - when I started reading this post I read the title as "Joke Diary - 5" - so was expecting a different kinda post! :)

Btw, why Violet?

Violet said...

Som - Hey.. how did you get here? Thanks for visiting though! I'll put up a like button if you promise to like my posts :D
Why Violet- no reason really.. Pari's nickname is Purple, I am Violet.. we are a crazy pair!