Friday, July 29, 2011

Because I am missing her so much..

This is a video we captured a few days before leaving Bangalore. Ignore my unkempt house.. and just watch the miracle that she is!

While we are on Pari, some more pictures. Yesterday was 'Fruit day' in her school and she was the cherry. Below is the cherry that Mausi painted for her. Isn't she terribly lucky to have such a talented Mausi?


Banno said...

Thanks for posting the video, Violet. Pari is delightful, I don't wonder you miss her, kids are so much fun at this age. And she is one hell of a dancer. :)

Violet said...

Thanks Banno! I am just back from Alld. after spending a couple of magical days with her. And I am missing her more than ever :(

harvey said...

Cool dance there!
what a gem of a girl!
Lage raho, Pari!

Violet said...

Harvey: Hey, thanks for the visit. I just loved your blog, hope to catch you more often!