Monday, July 11, 2011


As I grow older and the world around me changes, my dreams or shall I call them nightmares, also appear to graduate to higher levels. Now that I have lived long enough to witness a couple of technological revolutions -- the internet & cellphones, and slept enough hours to get a pattern in those nightmares, I can actually trace the advancement, in my nightmares that is. My nightmares are almost always spun out of my fears. Like my fear of getting lost -- I have spent several nights trying to find my way out of some maze or trying very hard to reach some obscure place -- always in vain, and waking up in the morning really tired after all the struggle. Or my fear of absolute darkness. Growing up in Allahabad, electricity failures were a pretty regular feature in the evenings. And we did not have a generator/invertor for almost the entire first decade of my life. My nightmares then comprised of trying to grab a hand, of parents, grandparents, aunts-- just anybody from the family in the pitch darkness. However, now that I have been living away from family for quite sometime now, even the subconscious me doesn't turn to the family for support. I have just had a dream where I was stranded in the dark, feeling very very scared, and fumbling endlessly with my phone to turn on the torch in it, obviously with little success. I have bought this cellphone with the torch feature only two months back, and looks like my subconscious has already registered the update! Just curious, is it only me or has that happened to you too?


Abhishek Jain said...

I remember harry potter had wierd dreams too .. maybe there is a link ?

Violet said...

Probably something typical to extraordinary, legendary folks?