Monday, August 13, 2012

Pari'ism 13-08-2012

The work-week has just started, and I have tons of things to do. So this is going to be a really quick one. Before we start on Pari, I have a strong urge to share this with you -- After 4 months in the city, I have finally managed to locate a VLCC parlour in Mumbai, and also made time to visit it for a quick facial. The sense of achievement & accomplishment is overwhelming, and I am completely OTT. My mom says that I look the same as before- only greasier, after the facial. It really doesn't ruffle me. I am a girl who believes in trying irrespective of how bleak things look.. and then, I look at parlour visits as a strategic thing, with little immediate gratification -- just an hour of complete inactivity/relaxation perhaps. I hope to reap the benefits in my old age, when my comtemporaries have 250 wrinkles, I would hopefully have just 245..

Coming to Pari, she is reading an animal encyclopedia these days, and is totally fascinated with monkeys, fishes and birds. Just yesterday, she draped a plain 'white' sheet on her shoulders, stretched her arms and flapped them to become a bird. She declared that she is a peacock, and the following conversation ensued--

P. -- Nani, look at me.. how do I look?
Nani -- Oh yes, you look like a very colorful?? peacock.
P. -- And look --what are these..
N. -- (can't see anything..) I am trying to see..
P. -- I have laid 4 eggs.
N. -- Hmm.. okie.
P. -- It is a very important time, my eggs are hatching.. I have to go..
N. -- Hmm..

Pari returns after a couple of minutes..

P. -- Nani, look -- I have 4 beautiful peahens -- all girls.
N. -- (not sure what to say..) yes, they are nice..

I somehow couldn't resist the temptation anymore.. and jumped into the conversation--

Me -- Pari, Can I have 2 of your eggs?
P -- Why do you want them
M -- To make omelette for Papa.
P -- (Aghast..) Nooooooo.. they are my babies. You can't break my eggs (forgetting that they have already hatched.)
M --Alright,  I won't break them, perhaps I can just boil them for Papa..
P -- No.. how can you be so wicked Mumma..

She continued to play her with chicks/peahens whatever.. when I made the last ditch effort.

M -- Pari, can you give me your chicks?
P -- now why?
M -- I can make some curry for Papa..
P -- (Overcome with emotion, screaming) Nooooo.. you cannot eat my babies. You are a wicked mumma..

By then, my mom was already screaming at me for making Pari scream, and I just left it there.

Don't hate me please, I wouldn't eat them if they were real chicks. I am anyways a lamb person..


Aparajita said...

Pariism is never ending fun:) I've always loved your writeups on her.

Aparajita said...

Pariism is always never ending fun:) I've always loved her sweet bombshells...

Violet said...

Thanks Aparajita! Perhaps it is time for you to start your own series and share the fun :)