Monday, August 6, 2012

Pari'ism 8/6/2012

I have been thinking of starting this series for a long time now, mostly because --

1. Pari is back with us, and I can share on this blog, the pearls of wisdoms that she so generously tosses at us.. each of which keeps us smiling for a couple of days, and then gets lost, like it never happened..  As I always say, the posts on her are mostly to remind us of her childhood, which will become a thing of past sooner than we think. Ofcos', all those who find joy in these anecdotes, are most welcome to the blog, I really like it when I get comments from you :)

2. I am really pressed for time, and it is a tough call to spend it writing about her, instead of actually being with her. With this series, like the Joka series, I spend no time thinking about the title, or even providing a background.. I can just get down to business..

Alright. So here are the most recent ones. There are others which my mom keeps mentioning offhandedly whenever we talk about her stay in Alld., shall try to put them down when I see you next.

After a particularly bad day of misbehaviour, cheekiness and such, we have the following conversation--
Mumma -- Pari, you have been misbehaving so much. You have broken my heart today..
Pari -- Hmm.. (looks intently at me for say 15 secs.. ) But is it still pumping blood?!!

She takes everything literally.. so much that when I tell her to stop dreaming(when she isn't paying attention to what I am saying), she is outraged --'I am not dreaming. I am not even sleeping, then how can I dream??'

Someone needs training in metaphors, proverbs & figures of speech. And some other people need to be trained in talking to 5 yo's -- in a way they would understand.


Anant said...

Ad on television for the "Movie Marriage" to be telecast-ed some time.
Pari: "Love Marriage: Humko shaadi se pyaar hain (we love marriages)" :)

Violet said...

Correction -- movie 'love marriage', Pari: "Humko 'apni' shadi se bahut pyaar hai". And she found the name so funny that she kept giggling for almost 5 minutes. This kid has some sense of humour!