Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Of nice dreams-- part II

In the good old days, when I took better care of this blog and was more considerate towards the readers, I would've posted this as a ps to the last post. However, now that I post so rarely, and almost always about Pari, unintentionally reducing this blog to a mommy blog, I think I can write a sequel-'separately' to the previous post.

Alright, so yesterday, the husband came home from work, and as we discussed our respective day's,  I related Pari's nice dream to him. Pari, like most other kids, is most attentive towards us when we are talking to each other, and trying to keep her out of the conversation or ignoring her. Even before I could finish, and the husband could have his share of amusement, she jumped in protesting that she had had a different dream.

Husband: What did you see?
Pari: I dreamt that we are shopping in a mall, you've got me a very pretty necklace. Then we return home, there is a party going on at home, and I am wearing the new necklace..
H: But you told mumma an altogether different story?
P: Yeah.. because I didn't want to tell mumma my dream.. and she would've continued to 'bore' and 'trouble' me by asking about it. So I told her something else.

Yes.. this is the child I had missed my office for and stayed back home. And this is the child I took to a picnic on Saturday, to a very far-off and irritating water park/resort, only so that she doesn't feel left out when the rest of the class had fun. Again, this is the child I accompanied to a very boring birthday party on Sunday, giving up my afternoon sleep, despite being very tired from the resort trip the day before, and having never met the mom/family of the birthday child.

This is also the child who likes spending her days hibernating at home, and doesn't want to go anywhere except the malls. Like the other day, I asked her--
Me: Pari, would you like to join a dance class?
Pari: No, I already know dance.
M: What about a music class?
P: I don't want to go.
M: Drawing class perhaps? What do you want to do as an extra-curricular-- after you return from school?
P: I want to go shopping..

So shopping it is! I can almost visualise a resume, a decade and a half from now, with some educational qualifications on the top(hopefully a few), and the bottom section with 'SHOPPING' as the extra curricular activity. Not bad, me thinks. It may not put off the potential employers so much but we will certainly scare off the prospective grooms..


Banno said...

Or she could get a job as a buyer. :)

Violet said...

Where is that job Banno? Please show me, I might qualify for it myself :P

Chiniiz n Sugarz Mom.. Swati said...

Cute! Shez very cute!