Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Pari'ism 11-12-2012: Of nice dreams

Pari is unwell and sleeping. I am working from home. I wrap up my work, and try to wake up her up, anticipating a very cranky child in my hands. She opens her eyes slowly, and most unexpectedly- smiles. I am very surprised, but still manage to smile back.

Pari --'I had such a nice dream'.
Moi -- 'Oh really.. can I also have that dream?'
P -- 'You sleep with me, then we will dream together.'
M -- 'Sure baby, but why don't you tell me about it first?'
P -- 'I saw a cat doing potty and susu on a dog(looks very very pleased). Mumma, now come sleep with me.'

I don't want to sleep.. I think I'll just skip that nightmare.. dream.. whatever!!

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bysodus said...

She has the makings of a Tarantino - Django Cat Unchained !