Monday, December 3, 2012

Some Observations..

 1. The quickest way to get a child hungry--

Ask her to study. Instant hunger pangs guaranteed!

2. The easiest way to get a child like her food--

Ask her to study. She will show the willingness to eat just about anything.. khichdi will be consumed@frenchfries.

3.The surest way to make a hyperactive child sober down--

Ask her to study. She will grow unusually quiet, appear betrayed and completely miserable.

4. The simplest way to get a clingy child off your back--

Ask her to study. The child will disappear promptly, and you will not get to see her for the next couple of hours.

5. The fastest way to put a wide-awake child to bed--

Ask her to study. The wide-open eyes would begin to droop with immediate effect.

ps. The above advice is based on my experience with a certain specimen I just happen to know. The subject under observation experienced huge variations in temperatures, unexplained tiredness, crankiness and significant discomfort coupled with uncontrollable bouts of yawning under the test conditions-- i.e. when asked to study. Also evident was her heightened interest in the surroundings --eraser/crayons/insects/fan/street lights and such.. again under the test conditions. Other side effects noticed were increased incidences of thirst and the repeated use of toilet. Because of the small sample size and completely random sampling, individual experiences my differ slightly or...  hugely.


Rohini said...

Ha ha so true. Sitting with the brat on his homework and watching my hair turn greyer as I watch

Violet said...

Ro.. we are all in the same boat. I read your post on this yesterday, and can so empathise with you.